by Katy Barsch

This website will be offering a series of posts dealing with the brain, hopefully getting you excited that you and your friends can function at a high mental level regardless of age.

Now that I am in my 70’s I actually thought my time of positive contribution to people had past! I went through life half engaged mentally with plenty of daily naps.

I had a dream recently, since this website is interactive you will be doing me a great favor by relating what you think about this dream. My hope is that many readers will have an opportunity to dialogue with me about the blogs and with each other about life.

In my dream an angel visited me and spoke the following to me:” Wake up Jeffrey, wake up. The Holy Spirit lives within you. Rise up, Rise Up!

Dendrites are flowing in your brain in Jesus’ name. 

The same Spirit that raised Jesus lives in your brain. You are a capable learner. You can learn. You’re not too old to learn Rise Up. What do you think this dream means? Does the same dream apply to you? Let me know what you think!!!!

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