A brain exercise

We develop our brain through exercise. The more you work your brain, the better it will perform. Just pretend you’re going to the gym, except you don’t have to put on sweat clothes to engage.
The 3 aspects of the brain that we want to exercise are:
  • Encoding=getting the info in
  • Storage= Holding on to the info
  • Retrieval= Getting the info out
The Praying for the Brain Book contains many brain exercises to help you. Today we will just provide a few examples:
Alphabet and Numbers
You are going to learn to recite the alphabet frontwards and backwards. After you can do that task out loud. We will add numbers to the task.
So it will recite as A1, B2, C3, etc till you have completed the alphabet.
Try not to write it down, use your inner vision to complete the task If you need to you can break it into smaller segments, that is maybe 6 combinations at a time.
After you have learned the alphabet and numbers totally, add a foot tap to each set of numbers and letters. Tap your right foot for letters and your left foot for numbers.
Let me know how you are doing. Be Brave!



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