Rearrange the brain

Lord Jesus, I give you permission to rearrange the furniture in my brain. 

I command, in Jesus’ name, that my neurons be conformed to the way the Father created them and that all damage be healed. 

I ask You, Lord, to heal my dendrites in Jesus’ name. I command them to function normally. 

Using the authority of Jesus, I command all neuron and dendrite misfiring to cease. 

In Jesus’ name, I command my brain chemistry to rebalance to the way the Father created it to be. 

I pray for increased efficiency of nerve function and faster speed of processing with fewer errors. 

I pray, Lord, that you would give me a supernatural ability to automatically digest the Word of God. 

I ask you, Lord, to create a super highway in my brain stem for your communications to me. 

I pray that every mental movement I make would be towards you. 

Jesus, I ask you to filter any unholy information coming into my brain and throw it away. 

I pray that I would sense in my brain the permanent image of the Lord high and lifted up (Isaiah 6:1). 

In the name of Jesus, I cleanse my brain from any demonic influence that has kept me from seeing, hearing, and feeling your presence. 

Help me, Lord, to repair my brain so I can hear from you and trust that it is really you talking to me. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen



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