Changing Your Brain with Communion

The painting I have chosen to use in this month’s blog has delighted my heart. It is one of beloved Katy Barsch’s painting efforts under the power of the Spirit.
When I look at it, I rejoice in the beauty and excitement of communion. I can actually smell the sweet smell of the blood of Jesus as it did its job to pay for our healing.
I truly believe that taking communion every day for 30 days can change your brain function and improve your memory!
I want to proclaim and take hold of all the benefits to my brain that can make my learning more efficient with fewer errors.
I want to be transformed as I gaze upon who I am in Jesus. Repeat out loud when you take communion: ” I am committed to brain wholeness.”
 I will use the repetition of this statement Lord,to deepen my brain wholeness. In Jesus name I pull down unbiblical thought that tells me my brain cannot function and replace them with what the Bible says is true about me. 
Let us begin our 30 day quest together and talk to each other about the result



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