How your grocery list will improve your memory

For your memory exercise, we are going to practice memorizing a grocery list. Remember it is not a waste. All of your practice activities help your neuroplasticity.
Here is your list:
  • Can of corn
  • 10 lbs dog food
  • Dozen eggs
  • Shoelaces
  • 6 pack of pepsi
  • Onion
  • Wheaties
To place the list in your short-term memory we will be using a memory system called the Loci System. Memory systems can be found in an older book by Ken Higbee Called “How Your Memory Works and How To Improve It.” You may be able to find it at a used book site.

The Loci method utilizes the idea of connecting a location you already know with some new information you want to remember. By connecting the new information you already know with something familiar you are creating a new neural bond. When you need to remember the new information start by picturing the location you were using to form the loci.

Use the aisles in the grocery store to pair the grocery list with things you might find in that aisle.

Remember you think of the grocery aisle and then the item you remember will come to mind.

Don’t write your grocery list. This is brain practice!



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