The mist arises on the lake

One of the most important aspects of memory is attention to detail. Actually, there are 3 steps to the memory process. the steps are: 1. encoding, 2. storage, and 3. retrieval.
In our day and age people gloss over paying attention to detail(encoding). Most people are quick and in a hurry to move along to the next mental task. It is important to retrain ourselves to look at something carefully. The process begins by looking at something very carefully then look away and then relook again.
My wife Katy, being the artist, has a big advantage over me over.  I remember the day when she was so taken aback by the cloud formation in the sky. To her they were fabulous. To me, I never even looked up to notice the sky! At my age, I have to retrain myself to look carefully at things!
I have started an exciting exercise. I now love getting up early before dawn and watching the sunrise push through the clouds. Where we live in Redding we have a view of the lake. In the early morning, I watch the mist dissolve off the water. The Geese are already up and stretching their wings in preparation for the day. This month they have little babies that they are teaching about life. Making loud noises which I know mean something to them.
Probably a lesson on memory training  The sun begins to dance slowly in the sky. The backyard sprinklers arise and begin their watering patterns. I love the sound they make as they renew our plants.
In Redding we only have 2 seasons it seems. We have Winter and Summer. So, Summer here we come!
As I notice nature’s beauty I close my eyes and try to recreate the view I just saw. Noticing every little detail. It really helps my memory
Your new assignment is to find things to look at and encode them into your mind:
Write and tell me in the comments below what objects you are studying.



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