Generational prayer/abortion

You might wonder how the subject of abortion found its way into this website.It has been my practical experience that after 45 years of working with people, many people considered aborting the child they were carrying, if not them, a parent or friend gave them advice to do so. This prayer wipes the spiritual slate clean

Lord Jesus, on behalf of our country I repent for the lack of regard that our laws have for the rights of the unborn child. I declare that every life is conceived by your hand and is sacred.

I repent for any people in my family line who either advocated abortion or participated in the process of abortion.

I repent for any in my family line who did not regard the unborn as sacred.

I ask you, Lord Jesus, that you would hold my family line blameless of these sins from now until you come again.

I pray you would coat my family in the blood of Jesus that paid the price for sin through the cross of Calvary.

In Jesus’ name I pray this. Amen




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