This prayer was submitted by my friend Pastor Bill Kline. After reading it I realized how many memory problems are caused by thoughts and old memories we should not be thinking about. Here is what Pastor Kline wrote:

I prayed this prayer in April on the anniversary of my kidney surgery. I had just confessed in prayer that I had memory of vain and sinful things. I asked the Lord: “do you forgive me?”

His answer was, “of course I do.”

This prayer then followed that exchange.

Then, I declare according to your word, I am cleansed of all unrighteousness now. I declare that my memory is cleansed of all vanity, pride, sinful thinking and ungodly imagery I have stored in it. I declare my memory is sanctified and set apart unto the use of the Lord. I break agreement with every lie that would hinder me in fulfilling my destiny in Christ. I ask that you touch my brain and memory now and forever, making it yours to control. 

Yours to enhance, yours to fill with life, love, shalom, joy and all good things in you.
In Jesus name, amen.



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