Prayer to sanctify the amygdala

The Amygdala is a very important part of the brain. It provides a warning to the body when danger could hurt you. The Amygdala alerts your body not to cross the freeway when cars are coming. I also believe the amygala stores memory and chemicals of memories; situations that are not real dangers but we believe it’s a danger because we are scared. For example a student who hates math and has failure year after year in math related subjects stores math as danger memories in the amygdala.

Please pray as follows; You can pray over false memories that store what would be a normal situation, except we have seen it differently.

Father God, I bless your name and declare that what the Bible teaches us about you is true.  We declare that your very nature is love. Your love for us does not depend on our merit or favor. It is just who you are.

Father, help me feel secure in your love. I declare your love breaks down my fear and worries about my health, my finances, my relationships and my future.

Father God, I ask you to put your loving healing touch on my amygdala. Take the fearful emotions and negative memories that I may have stored in my brain and sanctify them.

Any neurological patterns of fear and worry must now submit to your love!

Father, remove the lies that have led me to believe that I will always have fear and anxiety and that i cannot change.

I declare that I am not too old to change; with your help, I will become a new person.

In Jesus powerful name I pray.


I declare that your love will win the day!



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